Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photography Giveaway from Tunes & Spoons/ Holly L. Robbins Photography!

So many people are engaged, getting married, having babies...or just like to have pictures to capture life's memories so I wanted to share this giveaway that my friend Rachel posted in her blog, Tunes and Spoons

I'm sharing because #1, after seeing Rachel's photos I fell in love with Holly's talent! #2, uhhh...I'm engaged and I would LOVE to win this giveaway for myself and my wedding, but I'm not so selfish as to withhold such awesome information from you! #3, its an awesome giveaway and the recipient will be soo lucky and blessed to have gorgeous photos to remember their special occasion with!

Rachel's blog lists the instructions as this:

Dear engaged friends
Dear singers who need headshots
Dear marrieds
Dear families
Dear preggie friends
Dear friends with new babies
Dear anyone who wants to have flawless beautiful photos,

To one lucky reader Holly is offering:

50% off any photo session with Holly L.Robbins Photography AND an additional 25% off of one of her amazing print collections!  That is an incredibly huge savings and awesome opportunity.  

Here is how to enter (leave separate comments for each entry):

1. You must be a follower of the Tunes & Spoons Blog (link above)
3. Comment on Rachel's Post at Tunes and Spoons and leave your email address.

For additional entries:

1. Visit her website and tell me which kind of photo session you would like to have with her.
3. Post this giveaway to your blog or your facebook.

And because Holly is so wonderful she is also extending the 25% off of print collections to anyone who would like to book a photo session if you mention 'Tunes & Spoons' in your booking.  See why I love this lady so much.

This giveaway will be closed January 30th and the winner announced then. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I love it!

Happy New Year! A new year often bring s a new perspective, but sometimes it also brings in a lot of feelings in inadequacy. The past couple of weeks have been inundated with "I'm the fat one..." and "I hate my body" and "I wish I had her body..." comments. I'm sick of that crap (even though I can totally relate to those feelings).

Bottom line: you have to love yourself first. You have to love yourself enough to want whats best for you even when that means hard work and sacrifice. Tough love. But, loving yourself first gives you so much more perspective and an appreciation for every little thing you do to better yourself--in whatever way you choose--as you move towards a more fulfilling life.

Right now.

As far as weight loss and PCOS is concerned, I can't hate my body. There are things I don't like (I'm talking to you stretch marks) but I wouldn't trade my hips and butt for Jennifer Anniston's legs or Michelle Obama's arms.

I was working out tonight in a room of thin, pretty girls who are probably about my age. Sometimes its easy to feel self conscious about that, but you know what? We're all in the gym for the same reason. We're all gonna sweat, stink, get red-faced and out of breath. And honestly, they probably are too concerned trying to keep up than with how I'm doing. *whew* As I was working out, I looked in the mirror, you know those great mirrored walls? And I realized something profound: I love my body.

I love that I have two feet that plant firmly on the ground, lift me up on my toes, catch me when I jump up off the floor just one more time. I'm thankful for strong legs that have moved me 67+ miles in the last eight months and taught me to run. I'm thankful for arms that can do a few more reps even though I want to quit. Those same arms that hug my friends and family, carry my groceries, and push my body up off the ground even though I'm really ready to throw in the towel. I'm thankful for the core that holds it all together. Even though it jiggles from time to time, that's the place belly laughs come from and laughing yourself to sleep next to the love of your life is the most peaceful feeling I've ever experienced. I'm thankful for the head atop my shoulders and the voice inside my head that says "you can do anything for 10...15...20...30...minutes" until its done. I'm thankful for the sweat, the sore muscles, the gallons of water I drink. I don't work this hard because I hate my body, I work this hard because I love it.

So every time you want to call yourself fat, remember, the word you mean to say is "beautiful" and keep trucking along! Its a hard row to hoe, but loving yourself now allows you to love yourself even more on down the road.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Will Be My Year!

Y'all. Can I just say that 2012 will be my year? Because, it totally will! 

Today I finished my second official 5k in 52:08, which is a little slower than my first 5k but after two months without really running, I knew I wasn't exactly prepared for this race but I did it anyway. The first mile sucked. It took a little while for me to get into my groove, but miles 2 and 3 went by pretty smoothly, thanks in part to this song: Jeremy Camp--Give you Glory which I've now decided is my "power song" because it fits my pace perfectly and its just uplifting! I was ready to give up, throw up, and quit--but I didn't--and the rest of the race was awesome.

2012 will be the year I:
- Run my first 10k (5.5.12)
- Pay off all my credit card debt
- Marry my best friend (8.25.12)
- Reach my GOAL weight (NLT 12.31.12)
...among other wonderful things I can't even imagine!

I know 2012 will come with challenges, but I welcome them with an open mind...without challenges we can't grow!

"As we fall down before You
With our willing hearts we seek
In the greatness of Your glory
It's so hard to even speak
There is nothing we can offer
No nothing can repay
So we give You all our praises
And lift our voice to sin!"

[Jeremy Camp]