Monday, April 26, 2010

David and Goliath

And now, a note about David. My David. My David is the BEST David around. I'm sure there are plenty of them, but mine is the absolute best!

David is helping me fight my battles with PCOS (my Goliath, if you will) and the war would be lost if not for him. You see, David is one of those stark raving patient men--I know, it drives me nuts that he doesn't just go ballistic every once in a while. He gets frustrated, but not so easily and he has been so indescribably supportive over the last year.

PCOS is exhausting. Everyday I am physically and emotionally exhausted, and David, ever the trooper, doesn't complain about my complaining. He lets me sleep in, he makes my coffee in the morning, he makes sure our doggy has gone to pee and had her breakfast and he never complains. On top of all that, he puts up with the hippie grocery store, the whole wheat pasta and bread and taco shells (he even spotted those for me!)and the organic everything and he never makes a wise crack--he just loves me and supports me through my battle. That, my friends, is a huge honking deal.

For the most part, PCOS is a million little things all rolled into one, and stress is a major factor in how my body processes things and produces hormones, like insulin. So many times it seems like David has just made it his goal to make my life easier, and the best part is that I've never had to ask. Now, I don't mean to make it sound like a fairytale with me, the princess, being waited on hand and foot because we argue, we disagree, and pick at each other and nag unnecessarily, but overall, he is my rock and I wouldn't trade him for the world...or even for not having PCOS.

Having a support system, like David, is so important to the lifestyle I have to lead...or rather, that I'm trying to lead, because so many things don't make sense at first glance. Like the organics: never once has David complained or made me feel bad for switching the way we buy groceries. Or, using glass containers instead of plastics (plastic chemicals seep into your food/drink/microwave meal and add to the hormonal issues--not just in PCOS--do some research on BPA!). It isn't that he necessarily understands it all, or that he even wants to know it all, but the sheer fact that he knows its important to me, makes it important to him and that simple way of thinking makes a world of difference in my health and our relationship. He doesn't complain when I'm crying for no reason, or that he has to scoop my hairballs out of the shower, or that sometimes I just NEED something sweet--he'll take me to all three grocery stores AND wal-mart until my need is met.

Sometimes, when I'm down in the dumps about this giant called PCOS, or my job, or school, or bills, or how in the world am I ever going to _________ (whatever that day's major task is) he just lets me know that it is all going to be alright, and that in good times and bad, sickness or health--he's there. That's just a really great feeling.

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