Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two weeks makes a habit?

So, the thought recently occurred to me that this is a great took for some of my WW buddies to get to know my journey and my share with me about their own. For the family that reads this, I'm going to start throwing in a TON of acronyms but for hilarity I'm not going to post a key. :o)

So, here is some background information (but feel free to read through my entire history if you're really bored!): in December of 2008 I was diagnosed with a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome--there I gave you 1 definition) after gaining 60 pounds in a period of 5 months while exercising and eating healthy--like obnoxiously healthy. For me, PCOS affects my blood sugar in the form of high insulin resistance (think diabetes) which affects my daily life in a million different ways including periods of tear-ridden insanity when my sugar drops too low. I took 13 pills for a year and a half without feeling any better and 5 doctors later: no more pills. I'm doing it the "hard way" and learning to love myself more in the process!!

Now for some stats:
(Family--do NOT repeat this information; WW buddies (who are mostly people I've never met!) feel free to use this as it helps you on your journey too!
March 2007: 135lbs
CW: 214.4lbs
GW: 145 lbs (the doctors say 113-130 but I don't *want* that as my goal!)
WI: Saturdays (am)
Next Goal: 5% (203.6lbs)
WW: July 25, 2010

They say it takes two weeks to form a habit and I must say that after 72 hours back on track with WW my life is changed!! I have spent 4 days completely OP(on plant/points--there, I lied again!) and I can't tell you how amazing I feel. Monday night when I came home from the gym I could have sworn I had already lost 50 pounds and I was soaring! The next morning I was just sore--but I felt SO good. Today, I took the day off from workouts to give my muscles a night off, but I still went for a nice walk with Sam (doggy)and I still feel really good!

Some of my first goals were to get plenty of GHGs in and so far, so good! I've gotten all my water in, limited my caffeine and I'm even getting DAIRY--which I HATE thanks to Kroger's low-carb yogurt with 3g of sugar (2pts for peach!!).

I've even gotten David on board (David=DBF, for you WW people) and as always, he is SO supportive of me and encouraging. It just makes me feel good!

So, I think all it takes is a split second to make a decision to make a habit. When I woke up Sunday morning I made the decision to get my life back on track so I NEVER have to take those awful pills again, and in 72 short hours I'm feeling the best, happiest, prettiest, AWESOMEST(!) I've felt in many, many years and I don't even WI until Saturday--BUT realistically, the PCOS makes losing weight much harder so I'm trying not to get too excited about LOSING, just more excited about DOING!

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  1. I am actually having one of these days today-- I just feel good! Yay for healthy changes!!