Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reaching for the Stars ★★★

After almost three weeks of using my Victoza I'm actually noticing some big changes! In terms of WeightWatchers, the Victoza, along with no bread, potatoes or pasta and 30-45 minutes of vigorous (and empowering) walking during my lunch break (Thanks Muthy!!) I am down a total of 15.6 pounds, which means I've lost a little over 5% of my body weight. Now, to be clear--the 15.6 pounds is a cumulative total since the beginning of my journey with WeightWatchers in August. In the last 3 weeks, I'm down 6.4 pounds with Victoza. Plus, I feel overwhelmingly better! I can't describe how it feels to just feel healthy, but it is so wonderful! After more than two years of just "feeling bad" I'm finally feeling fantastic and I really hope it shows!

I never felt sick or "unwell" I just always felt like something was wrong...I was constantly exhausted, uncomfortable and just "bleh", I feel like I'm back to normal and that's helping me stick to my goals and reach for the stars! And, in WW terms, so far I've earned three five-pound stars ★★★!! I know it sounds silly, but those stars mean SO much to me! And, the brought me back down to Onederland!! A huge, amazing, wonderful accomplishment and I'm really, so proud of myself! I have a number that no longer starts with "2" and that's amazing! I will NEVER, ever, ever, see "2" again like that!

Yes, giving myself a shot each morning sucks (and, I'm actually more nervous about doing it now than I was originally) but, its only temporary. And doing this temporary thing is helping me make some very permanent lifestyle changes and helping me reach for more stars! I'm continually feeling more confident, more beautiful and in more in control and its taking my life to greater, happier places! Life is good. Really, really good.

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