Sunday, November 20, 2011


Its no secret that I hate pictures of cringe a photos of me...I have almost no photographs of myself after the fall of 2007...yeah, its fall of 2011. Sad.

Last weekend I went to my dad's for his early birthday festivities and my step-mom took pictures as normal. Last year, she took similar pictures and I cried alone in my room in the dark when I saw them on facebook. I was just shocked and uncomfortable and embarrassed (and now I look at the them and wonder what the heck was I wearing!?) I, embarrassed, asked her to delete them because I was so appalled, and loving me, she did. These are the closest things I have to "before" picture...and now that I can laugh about what I was wearing, all I can think is whoa.

November 2010: part of me really can't believe I'm posting this here...
November 2011: Still not an awesome picture of me, but look at the difference in my face!
November 2010: Again....cringe....

November 2011: Not too shabby!
Family :)

This year, I kept the pictures! I actually like most of them! I knew I've lost four pant sizes, but I didn't realize I looked so different! I guess I've found what I needed to keep moving forward : )

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