Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I took on a new adventure today: yoga! Its the first time I've ever done yoga and studio (is that what they call them?) is pretty close to home and quite community based, so I was really excited to give it a try.

I showed up 10 minutes early, slipped off my shoes and made my donation for my next four classes (yep, donations--they want people to be healthy even if they can't afford yoga!). I proceeded to "sit in stillness" until class started...enter train engine! Yep, its by a railroad hub, which I found hilarious and not distracting at all..ok I lied, I only found it hilarious.

Yoga started kind of awkward because you keep your eyes closed so you can't really look around and see how what you're doing compares to everyone else. [Enter Forgetting Sarah Marshall scene here]I had the "new kid" awkwardness down pretty well I think, but then we started breathing and that was something I fully understood and loved! Over the next hour, I gave a good effort and I think I did a good job. I walked out of there feel sooooo relaxed it was almost unnatural :) Success.

I can't wait to go back on Thursday and try again!

So here's a little tidbit from the meditation we did: all of the good, happy, fun, silly, adventurous, amazing and wonderful things about every one of us is mixed in with all the sad, angry, confused, frustrated, disappointed, imperfect things about every one of us. And to change any one of the "negative" aspects is to take away from some of the good as well. Definitely something to think about.

I'm not perfect, and I'm learning to love that about myself...and I'm learning to be happy with right now! Funny enough, right here, right now is a pretty fantastic place to be!

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