Sunday, December 25, 2011

Once upon a Christmas ♥

Once upon a time there was Christmas. I've always loved Christmas like you wouldn't believe. Christmas is the perfect time of year and Christmas music never goes out of season. Ever. Even in July...or February...or August.

This year, I woke up at 3:18 and could not go back to sleep. I was too excited, for no particular reason. Finally, David decided to get up and make me coffee at 4:30 and our little doggy child could not believe we were awake so early. She did NOT want to get up! Her cuteness, my love-filled coffee, and my boyfriend getting up before dawn cracked just because its Christmas ♥

Best. Christmas. Ever.

So, I unwrapped a Foodsaver and I was PUMPED! I've wanted one ever since the original came out and the infommercials with the guy named Jan....childhood dream come true!! Then, I unwrapped the Willow Tree cake topper. Poor David, I thought, he got me something I absolutely love and wanted...but he doesn't understand its for a wedding cake. I say, "thank you honey, I'll save it until the time is right," I say.

And a Willow Tree Cake Topper, which I had been not-so-secretly admiring for a while now, but ya know, why get a cake topper if you're not getting...married....right?
Aww thanks honey...I' this...until...well...I guess until you decide to marry me...
David will tell you he was really disappointed that I was so excited about the Foodsaver. I was supposed to be disappointed at getting a Foodsaver because its an appliance (whatever!) and he was going to let me down with the Foodsaver and then build me up. Silly David!

And in the movies...he says, "well, you have one other present..." and walks to the Christmas tree...the TOP of the tree by our star. "You can't have a cake without a wedding (pulls out ring box) [I interject, are you for real?!] bended knee at 5:14am) will you marry me?" "Did you talk to my Daddy?" "I did." "Awwww then yes!"

And they lived happily ever after ♥

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