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[NOTE: this is not my own work, but rather, a bit of information I think is worth sharing. Also, my doctor is one of the doctors participated in this research and also determined that my own vitamin D levels were dreadfully low.]

We've spoken many times about the importance of vitamin D in helping you to control PCOS and reduce your risk of future diseases. (That's one reason why there is so much vitamin D in our d- pinitol product). We've previously reported studies showing that women who have PCOS are more likely to have abnormally low vitamin D levels.

Low vitamin D levels are associated with many PCOS symptoms as well as insulin resistance, cognitive decline, fatal stroke, cardiovascular disease, bre.ast cancer, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, osteoporosis, shortened lifespan and more.

Adequate vitamin D is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to live a healthy life.

However, the research news is alarming.

For example, the Medical College of Georgia has just reported a vitamin D deficiency in teens.

Most of our vitamin D is manufactured by our bodies when our skin is exposed to the sun.

Georgia is a state that gets a lot of sun. So you would think teenage girls would have plenty of vitamin D. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

The researchers found low vitamin D levels in 56% of the 559 male and female teens they tested. Thirty percent of white female teens had low levels.

An astonishing 94% of African-American teen girls had vitamin D levels that were below optimal. The health of this ethnic group could become a moving train wreck if nothing is done, starting now.

If you're a teen, ask your parents to arrange for a vitamin D test.

If you're a mother of a teen, ask your doctor to test your daughter or son for vitamin D.

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