Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...

So this week was definitely one of the most stressful weeks I've had in a while... but, I came to an understanding that it isn't the situations that stress me out, its how I respond to situations. So this week, I'll be working on making the choice to respond or "act" instead of "re-acting."

The Ramsey Center was closed this week for renovations so I didn't workout at all last week... I also had planned on walking at lunch--a whopping 5 APs--but the heat index was well into the 110+ zone and no matter how hydrated you are, that just isn't safe or smart, so I didn't do that either. I stayed OP almost every day, and used a few of my extra weekly 35, but all in all I was having a rough week and anticipating a gain....well, instead on Saturday morning I was pleased to see a lovely -0.6lb from the week prior. Small stuff, but still a big step in the right direction! That brings me to a whole 4 pounds in two weeks--a MAJOR victory in the battle against PCOS, Insulin Resistance and my weight. So rather than say "well, I ONLY lost .6 this week..." I've chosen to be just as pumped as last week! I'm not sweating the small stuff, I'm celebrating it!!

Sometimes, especially in the days where I'm feeling down or insecure, its nice to remember why I'm doing this...why I've chosen to quit all the prescriptions and take things into my own hands--the main goal of losing weight and becoming a healthier me isn't just for myself. It has nothing to do with how David feels about me... or what my friends or strangers think.... I'm doing this--fighting this battle--for the babies I hope to have some day. Granted, that's MANY years down the road...that is a driving factor. I don't know what role PCOS will play in my future, but I know what I'm doing about it right now. And right now, its what will count in the long run.

I had a great day at the lake with some of my favorite people and my puppy and I'm really looking forward to my baby brother's birthday party next Saturday and a Manley kayaking trip on Sunday....those are things to get me through the week :o) and maybe next week I'll have a 5lb star to write about!

Here's to a better week, more activity, and counting your blessings!

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