Monday, August 2, 2010

Nervous about Week 2

Week two on my WW journey is here and weigh in is 5 days away...I'm a little nervous this week because I want so badly to be happy with the results again this week. Last week I was moderately hoping for a .5lb loss and was flabbergasted when I was down 3.4 pounds!!

So far, I've done really well on my water and even mastered a minor snafu when the DBF wanted Bojangles' (Ham biscuit and green beans anyone??? 6.5 points. Not too shabby!) Tonight we has pasta...whole wheat penne with "Norma" sauce--basically tomatoes, eggplant, basil and ricotta--which was delicious and I had saved some points to spring for the cheese!

For some positivity, I am so proud to say I accomplished a major non-scale victory (NSV) today: I said NO! When someone wanted me to take on yet another additional project, and I very politely said I just didn't have the time! GO ME!!!! I know it sounds silly, but that was a HUGE empowering moment for me!

Here's to hoping everyone has a great week!

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