Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to Square One

So, in my last post today was supposed the be THE day for me and my PCOS journey... I was going to see Dr. Perloe, the best of the best, and he was going to answer my questions, run some tests, give me a pep talk and some medical advice on what steps I need to take to keep my PCOS in check and prevent diabetes and I was going to leave refreshed! Confident! And feeling so much better about driving to Atlanta to see a PCOS specialist! Well, that didn't happen. What it boils down to is insurance...and the $500 I don't have to spend seeing a doctor for a consultation and ultrasound for a third opinion on my diagnosis. I was thoroughly disappointed, but everything happens for a reason and the people I spoke with at GRS were absolutely kind, understanding and wonderful! If my insurance decides to make them an in-network provider I will jump all over that!

So, I'm back to square one. To give you some background, I was looking for a different doctor because my internist decided to join some medical club and start charging a $1500 annual fee to "join" his practice and my OB/GYN said he "isn't fully convinced" I have PCOS--not a good enough answer for me.

Now, my PCOS journey brings me into the doctor search again. Right now, I'm looking for either an internal specialist or an endocrinologist or both and I'm willing to travel basically anywhere in Georgia to find one who will listen and be proactive. I've sent a few emails, done a little research and asked some PCOS friends around the state and I hope to find someone, somewhere.

In the meantime, I'm working to try and be a low-stress as possible and keep the positivity flowing. That's where David comes in to play... I know he doesn't understand all the hormones and tests and abbreviations or why I do crazy stuff like drink organic coffee from ceramic (not plastic) travel mugs because BPA jacks with my system, but he loves and supports my level of crazy anyway. Yesterday, when I told him about the setback with GRS (which is just really frustrating...its not like I'm dying, I'm just trying so hard to get two doctors to agree on something) his response was "its going to be ok, we'll find someone...I know there's someone our there for us and we'll find him." It was the use of "we" not "you" that made the difference. Its never just been "me" in this journey, its "we" and that is a huge deal of support and support makes a huge difference to me.

So, for now we're back o square one but working diligently towards a solution. I'm still sticking with my WW Plan and next week the fitness center at work opens back up so between the elliptical, the pool and yoga I'm going to keep busy--just in time for finals to be over!!


  1. Hey, I posted on WW as well, but an acquaintance of mine liked Dr. David Arkin of North Atlanta Diabetes and Endocrinology. She saw him for Cushing's, but felt he was kind, matter of fact, and thorough.

    Why does your OBGYN think its not PCOS?

  2. He basically said I don't "look like" most PCOS women... specifically, he didn't think the acne, hair loss, and darkening skin was "bad enough" for me to be PCOS. His exact words were "I'm not 100% convinced you are PCOS, but I'm not 100% convinced you aren't." He then recommended that I continue doing WW and maybe join some group classes...he also said that realistically I "may never lose the weight" and my body "might just be happy at this size." He was very nice and honest with me and took a lot of time with me, but that just isn't a good enough answer for me.

  3. Totally not a good answer! Man of my Cushie friends got a similar response from docs at various stages.

    I saw an obgyn who said despite my normal hormone levels, because I had cysts, I had PCOS. Treatment? Nothing. Referral to an endo? She didn't know one.

    Then I went to an endo who told me Cushing's was too rare, she's seen 3 million patients and only had one (don't patronize me, clearly you have not seen 3 million patients), and my only options were diet and exercise (ignoring my statements that dieting and exercise were causing me to GAIN weight). I left that appointment in tears. But a few weeks later I went to LA to see the specialist who eventually diagnosed me.

    Long story short: don't give up. You know yourself, and your body. Find a doc who listens to you and gives you options.

  4. Yes!! Exactly. I've had ONE doctor really listen to me...I gained 60 pounds eating steamed veggies and walking 7 miles a day in 102 degree weather (and that isn't an exaggeration, there was a killer drought that year!). I'm not gonna give up. And by the way, my cousin has Cushing's...that makes two people I know... it can't be THAT rare!

    Thank you for your encouragement :)