Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lest We Not Give Up!!

Well, thanks to my doctor going on vacation and my insurance company having the slowest fax machine in Georgia I've had to reschedule my doctor's appointment for tomorrow (it will now take place on 2/11 same place, same time). I'm disappointed, but I'm taking it in stride because everything happens for a reason.

So, some happy news! I'm totally pumped about my No 'Poo 2011 Campaign! I've gone almost two weeks without using real shampoo or conditioner and I still love the way my hair feels and of course, I really love that I'm saving money and the environment while also preventing chemicals from eeking into my pores and water system. I really like that I'm doing something I enjoy, that's good for me and totally off the wall from the mainstream. And no, my hair still doesn't smell like vinegar!

On a side note, I graduated!! And I started my next round of classes on Tuesday. So far so good. I'm optimistic, but I've gotta stay organized and focused.

I've also got to get back on track with my stress management and exercise! Especially since that means working out by myself, which makes me so nervous. I hate being at a restaurant alone, but I hate being on an elliptical alone even more! I need to get over that though and learn to workout on my own. Its the only way I'll keep my PCOS in check, my weight coming off and my health as my #1 priority!

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