Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Poo 2011 ♥

So, I've talked a lot about organic food, the harmful effects of BPA, hormones & injectibles in our food, etc. but what I haven't talked about is make up and beauty things...well now, that is exactly what I'm going to talk about!

PCOS is an endocrine disorder. That means that what goes "in" our bodies has a direct impact on PCOS symptoms. How do things get "into" our bodies? We eat them, drink them, breathe them...and oh yeah: ABSORB them through our skin! Now, as my own personal disclaimer I haven't avoided this topic because I don't believe it, I've never been one to wear make up, obsess over my appearance or worry about lotions and creams--no, no, I'm the exact opposite! Well, that's changed recently.

You see, PCOS has changed how I feel and how I perceive myself. In my mind, I'm 135 pounds still...on the scale? Not even close. Its like reverse Shallow Hal (its ok to laugh at that, I do!). So, I started the New Year wanting to do things that make me feel more confident, and taking a little more time on my outward appearance has helped to boost my inward feelings and self confidence--which also helps keep me motivated to stay on track with my PCOS management (which is currently limited to diet and exercise).

So, no poo huh? Yes. Shampoo that is! See, shampoos (and virtually all other "health & beauty" marketables) are chock full of chemicals. Manmade things, synthesized in some lab where people have to wear respirators, gloves and safety goggles--does that sound like the rainforest botanicals they put in the pictures on their bottles? No. So, I'm taking the plunge I should have taken two years ago and readjusting the chemicals included in my daily shower: no shampoo, no conditioner. I'm replacing them with baking soda and apple cider vinegar respectively. Its cheaper (Dave Ramsey would be proud) and free from harmful chemicals so its better for me and the Earth. I tried it for the first time tonight and I was pleasantly surprised with the initial outcome. And no, it does NOT smell like vinegar!

For more info on "No Poo" go here:

I've already been using local, chemical free soaps--I alternate between a lemon/goats milk, oatmeal & cinnamon and Burt's Bees throughout the week. The brown color of the soap makes the shower a little dirtier, but my skin feels SO much better!

Next, I have to express some outrage at the lack of affordable, organic cosmetics in this Capitalist society! While not perfect, Bare Minerals has been the closest thing to chemical free I can find...and it doesn't look like "make up" which I like. But gee whiz, talk about expensive! That was my 22nd birthday present to myself. Its an investment in my self esteem, and I'm worth it.

Today, I had my first experiment with DIY facial masks as well: banana, yogurt and honey. Delicious! Also moisturizing. 1/2 a banana, 2 tbsp yogurt (I used Stoneyfield yo-Baby peach) and 1 tbsp of honey (also local). Mix it up an schmear! Lick your fingers clean :) Then, wait about 10 minutes and rinse off. It smells so good and felt really nice too.

I am 100% shamelessly loyal to Burts Bees. They have the lowest toxicity of almost any cosmetic/beauty manufacturer and they also have a strong environmental conscience--but I'm also always on the lookout for local, sustainable, chemical free products...if you can't buy local but want some better-for-you-buys go with Burts Bees!

In other news, I'm down 1.2 pounds this week after being snowed in for 3 days--miracle! And I look forward to hitting my 5% mark soon!

I'll keep you posted on the No Poo Progress!

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