Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Perspective, New Goals, New ME!

Happy New Year!!!

A stark difference from last year, David and I stayed in on NYE and had a nice quiet dinner and a night full of football (what is going on with these SEC teams?!?)--perfect ending to a really great year!

2010 had its share of challenges, but the joys and triumphs stand brighter in my memory so it is with an open heart and an open mind that I welcome 2011 with open arms...and a cup of coffee!

So, a New Year brings a new perspective and new goals and ultimately a new ME!

I've struggled the last two weeks to shed any pounds, but I noticed yesterday I have lost a pant size (at least) which feels so good! Funny thing is I figured it out on accident--laundry day required that I dig a little deeper into my closet to find some jeans!

So, the new perspective is a clearer version of the old perspective: life is what you make it, so make it worth living--you define "living."

On to the goals: these are "goals" not "resolutions" because the general connotation for "resolution" in my mind is "temporary." I can't do temporary, I've gotta keep my eyes clear and on the big picture that I'm already making my own.

One goal I have is to read and reflect on my "Notes From the Universe" which asserts that "thoughts become things. Choose goods ones." Its a simple email-a-day and makes a difference in the way I view my its a good, positive way to stay focused. If you'd like to sign up, go here:

Next, my goal for 2011 is to shed between 30-50 pounds. Now, many of my WW pals say "shed 50 in 2011" which MANY of them did in 2010--kudos to you!! For me and PCOS (my wieght loss journey tag-along)weight loss is a lot more difficult and unpredictable--so I will feel incredibly accomplished with 30 pounds lost in the next 12 months. Plus, this is a healthy pace...and will bring me closer to my ultimate goals for being healthy!

Finally, I'm working towards committing myself further to being an overall healthier person. The standard "drink more water and exercise more" still stands true, but I'm changing my entire lifestyle, or rather continuing to change and grow and adapt my lifestyle to meet my health needs. In 2011 my goals circulate around being consistent, disciplined and determined to keep my eye on the prize--I am the prize!! And so are my future babies, wedding, graduation, travels and dreams--I don't want all of these things are this very moment, but I will one day...and I will be so grateful for the time I've invested into myself to bring my emotional being, physical being and my health into one, beautiful, healthy place!

So, whether you claim resolutions or New Years excitement or you woke up this morning and it was just another Saturday, I leave you with this:

you're the only person who knows what's right for you. The only one. And if you already know what this is, commit to it. If you don't, commit to nothing.

Happy New Year!


  1. Katy,

    I found your blog on the WW community, and just read it all. Congrats on the weight loss to date!

    I see (from reading all your posts) your docs can't agree that whatever plagues you is PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS before eventually being diagnosed with Cushing's (similar symptoms, much harder to diagnose so most docs blow you off). Anyhow, something to look into because I found that doctors will pretty willing to dismiss me with PCOS which has no cure instead of finding the actual cause of my weight gain (60 lbs in 2 years). You can read my blog for the gory details. :=)

    Also, I HATED the metformin. That stuff is brutal. I found that taking the supplement Alpha Lipoic Acid helped my insulin levels a lot without the gastro issues created by metformin.

    You can check my blog for more info about Cushing's, my journey to diagnosis and everything else related.

  2. Thank you Sarah! I actually had an appointment with another doctor tomorrow but found out today they no longer accept my insurance :o/

    I will definitely start asking the Cushing's questions to get some answers.