Saturday, August 27, 2011

★★★★★★ = 30 Pounds GONE!

Today, I woke up and weighed myself...I did the mental math and counted 29 pounds, Wohoooooooooo! Then, I logged into the Weight Watchers site to actually track my weight (after coffee of course) and realized that I really am as bad at math as I pretend to be...I officially met my 30 pound mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly 30 pounds from where I started. I even re-weighed to make sure I read the right number. That's the amount of cheese the average American eats each year!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
(that's one star for every five pounds I've lost)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I've literally just sat at my computer wondering what I want to say...its just AMAZING! I had a medical doctor tell me (one year ago, actually) that I would probably never lose the weight I gained as a result of PCOS. Never? I disagree!

Just this week I overheard a conversation about how WW doesn't even work and "anyone who tells you it does is lying." Really? I disagree!

On top of that, I created my first budget ever...EVER...and I even found a great charity to donate to and my Total Money Makeover is off to a great start! I feel like such a grown up, a healthy, happy, smart, beautiful grown up! I'm getting physically and fiscally fit and I'm loving it!! These are two amazing things that will help my future and my ability to teach my future kids all about living a great, meaningful, and blessed life (while also being able to bless others)!

This is what I've lost:

1 pound = a Guinea Pig
1.5 pounds = a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
2 pounds = a rack of baby back ribs
3 pounds = an average human brain
4 pounds = an ostrich egg
5 pounds = a Chihuahua
6 pounds = a human’s skin
7.5 pounds = an average newborn
8 pounds = a human head
10 pounds= chemical additives an American consumes each year
11 pounds = an average housecat
12 pounds = a Bald Eagle
15 pounds = 10 dozen large eggs
16 pounds = a sperm whale’s brain
20 pounds = an automobile tire
23 pounds = amount of pizza an average American eats in a year
24 pounds = a 3-gallon tub of super premium ice cream
25 pounds = an average 2 year old
30 pounds = amount of cheese an average American eats in a year

This is what I've gained:
- Health
- Happiness
- Confidence
- Motivation
- Gazelle intensity
- Peace
and the list goes on and on....

Finally, for my sister, I'm obligated to tell you about the following:
Nutella + FF Cream cheese on a saltine cracker! Its like a mini-chocolate cheesecake and the PERFECT bite sized, WW friendly, sweet-treat! It sounds gross (my sister even said 'NASTY' when I told her about it) but it is sooooooo good!

"The heights by great men reached and
kept, were not attained by sudden
flight, but they, while their companions
slept, were toiling upward in the night."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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