Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Total Money Makeover

Now, before you get all paranoid, let me put your mind to ease...I am *not* becoming a financial blog, I am and will always be a Katy-blog...I blog about the things I want to talk about because I write this blog for myself first and foremost, and then any readers I might have follow after that! Its the way it has to be :)

So, as a daily frequenter of the Weight Watchers message boards, I've been seeing this daily "TMM" thread, so I decided to check it out. A bunch of 20-somethings getting on board with managing money...ok...what's it about? I don't really know, but I'm realllly excited to learn. Here's why: in 10 months I will be 100% FREE from all my credit card debt. 100%! I've already paid off two entire accounts (which I never should have had anyway) so getting these last two taken care of is a big freaking deal. YAY!!

Also, I've taken some really big steps to be physically and emotionally healthier, so why wouldn't my finances follow? It should, and now it does. This is especially helpful since David and I are trying to save money for a move at the end of the year, and because--while not any time soon--at some point, I will want to be married and have a family, and the better financial foundation I can offer, the better off everything will be.

Effective today, I've started reading Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and putting it into practice starting with ME, my #1 fan and #1 worst enemy. It helps that one of the boardies posted that there is a daily special for a "envelope wallet" on Dave Ramsey's site (which I took full advantage of) and I found a coupon code for a FREE copy of "More than Enough" (promo code: more). With the help of my WW Boardies, David, Dave, and especially "Cheese Emily" of Skinny Jeans, Fat Wallet(http://skinnyjeans-fatwallet.blogspot.com/)--this will be a great success! What have I got to lose?

"You must take personal responsibility.
You cannot change the circumstances,
the seasons, or the wind, but
you can change yourself"
- Jim Rohn


  1. Awesome!

    Don't forget to join in on the Financially Fit thread on Tuesdays!